My life as a woman, wife and mother.

March Challenge

It’s no surprise I have food issues. Why? I’m sure it stems from childhood and I only became aware of behaviors when I joined Weight Watchers in 2005. Let’s list some possible reasons….

  • my father committed suicide when I was in Kindergarten (I also think he did drugs)
  • my mother remarried the man she cheated on my dad with
  • my stepdad was an alcoholic
  • my parents left me to fend for myself a lot as a child
  • we always had Schwan’s ice cream in the freezer
  • I was molested by my grandmother’s boyfriend when I’d sleep over on their couch, I’d yell out but no one would come
  • I then told my parents about it later on, but nothing was done
  • I was again molested by an uncle as I began to develop breasts
  • my parents spent a lot of time in the bars drinking
  • I bought a lot of junk food from the grocery store nearby
  • my mother worked a lot at the casino and I suspect she had a gambling problem
  • the mortgage company called our house a lot as a kid
  • I should have gotten SSI from my dad’s death but my parents just blew it all
  • when I applied to college and my other grandmother found out there was no money she was livid at my parents
  • I went away to college and during my 2nd year they sold the house I grew up in
  • my mom died when she was 41 and I had just graduated from college that previous Spring
  • my step grandma died a couple of months later
  • Tom and I eloped to Vegas to get married
  • my grandma died shortly after that

In spite of all of this…

  • I have a great husband
  • a home of our own
  • good jobs
  • two wonderful, smart, beautiful daughters

Yet I struggle with food and comfort. So sad.

My challenge for the month of March is this…..

  • No cereal
  • No nuts
  • No popcorn

Can I do it?

  • Watch me!
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