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Double whammy!

on March 3, 2015

Last night we went out for supper with my aunt and uncle at MACS. It’s glorified mac-n-cheese. I got the one with BBQ Pulled Pork on top, yummy! I was proud that I kept it under control with food yesterday, that’s 2 days down. 😛

I was ready to go for today’s workout

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) Clean practice: EMOM x8: 1 clean (squat), build to AHAP – got to 105#

B) 1 Clean + ME Front squats @85%-90% of A; 3 sets, 3min clock – went with 85#, 7 reps, 7 reps, 10 reps (worked for it)

Notes: There is a 10-rep cap to each set of FS. If you’re able to easily get more than 10 reps, it could be because your clean technique limits your clean more than your strength does. If that’s the case, consider upping the weight on B.

C) 4 rounds, each on a 5min clock:
1 min ME AD for cals – 24, 24, 19, 19 calories
8 Touch & Go (TnG) Ground to OH, 115/75 – went with 65#
10 T2B – knee ups

Notes: For most of you, ground-to-overhead will be a power clean & jerk. We do want you to strive for touch-n-go reps so choose a weight that allows for that. Aim for consistent calorie outputs and similar times for each round.

It was a tough workout, my legs were a tad jelly like when I got out of the van at home. 🙂

I walked in the door to a sick kid again. Off to the doctor, I’ll post more later.

Okay, continuing on…I get home to the sick kid and then hubby calls. Something is wrong with his truck. He thinks the wheel bearing is going and the ABS light is on. Wonderful. I’ve now talked to him 3 times already as he tries to figure out what he’s going to do. I may be picking him up at some point along the way home tonight. I said to keep me posted, I’ve got no where to go.

We’re back from the doctor. Boy, was he a crabby one. Anyway, she does not have anything serious, just another cold. He believes she got over the first cold in February and has another one. She had chicken noodle soup for lunch, a popsicle and we bought some nasal saline mist (which she actually didn’t think was too awful). She put more vicks on and will have some honey after her popsicle. She wanted to go back to school since it’s not serious, but I said some more down-time would be good.

So what am I going to do the rest of the day? Not too much. I’ll walk & read or watch TV to get in some more steps. Since we’ll be without a vehicle I won’t be going to the gym tomorrow so I’ll try to do the workout at home instead. I have a co-worker lined up to take me to work at WW tomorrow and hubby will be home in time for me to work at night. It’ll all work out, it just puts a damper on things.


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