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Thank goodness!

on March 4, 2015

Happy Hump Day! Yesterday I took C to the Dr. and he says it’s only a cold. Thank goodness it’s not strep or bronchitis. She’s on the mend with home remedies which the Dr. believes are more effective than medicine. Wow!

The situation with hubby’s truck worked out well too. He got done work around 2:30 or so and he was able to drive the truck to a tire shop that his co-worker uses all the time. Thankfully the shop was open until 6pm and they did the truck right then! Who does that? Most places can’t get you in for a bit so we were so glad they could get it done. Of course he didn’t get home until 6:45, but he had a working truck! I’m glad he wasn’t driving and the wheel fell off, I don’t even think about those things.

Yesterday was day 3 of no nuts, cereal or popcorn. I’m making it!

I went to bed early last night and was up a few minutes before my alarm clock. It was wonderful to get a good night’s sleep.

Wednesday’s WOD:
A) Squat Clean Thruster, 8×2, Build to AHAP, 1:15 clock – 45#, 50#, 55#, 60#, 65#, 70# (3)
Notes: Use this time as more practice on catching your cleans lower in your squat. These are not Touch & Go but you should quickly reset between the two reps

B) 8KB Swings (American if competing in the Open) + 8 alternating Body Weight Lunges, 8 sets, 1:15 clock – 40# KB

C) Open WOD 14.5
For Time:
Thrusters 95/65 – I did 60# and it was a challenge!
Bar-facing burpees – I finished in 18:23! I was the only one out of the 5 of us to make it and I was proud to get it done!

Notes: 20min cut off. On the bar-facing burpees you must hop over the bar with a two-foot take-off and a two-foot landing; anything else is considered a step-over and isn’t allowed. However, if you struggle with keeping your breathing under control during burpees, you may want to consider “stepping” in and out of the burpees rather than jumping your feet back and forward (this is different than the jump that’s required to go over the bar…we’ll discuss in class).

I’m glad tomorrow is a DOR after that workout. At one point I thought I might puke or pass out from being so darn hot! After I layed on the floor and made a lovely sweat angel! 😛

On tap for today….I already walked and watched TV. I’m leaving in a bit to get a book for L from the library, she doesn’t want to wait until I get home at 8:45 tonight, she wants it after school. I also need to go to the library to withdraw some money for her so she can get a card for her track phone. Then I work WW and weigh-in. I’m sure my weight will be up with TOM and some poor food choices this past week.

Enjoy your day! I’m happy the sun is shining!


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