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85 Thrusters = Sore Legs!

on March 5, 2015

Happy Thursday! I was up 1.4# yesterday at weigh-in. TOM is here and my eating was hit or miss. So far this week it’s going well. I’m not eating nuts, cereal or popcorn and I’m surviving! There was some puppy chow mix at work last night and I almost grabbed a couple of pieces and then I remembered, it is made with CEREAL! So, it was off limits. Decision over.

Yesterday’s workout has left my quads quite sore. I’m going to have to roll them out and walk later on to loosen them up so I can get to the gym Friday morning and not be hobbling in. I work 8:45-1 today and then I work at Weight Watchers. There has been some structural changes within WW and I’m curious to see how it’s going to affect me. I’m officially over goal by almost 10#. Now, you can get hired as a receptionist with 10# to go, but they expect you to keep losing and get to your goal. Realistically I don’t know what my body will do. I’m hoping that by giving up my binge-inducing carbs I can drop a few pounds. Next week will reveal some results from that. I guess I won’t fret about it too much, they can fire me if they need to, but I doubt that will happen since we don’t have enough people to work as it is.

C is doing a bit better, the cold still has her tired and coughing up junk. She was happy to go to school yesterday and is glad she won’t miss Art Club tonight after school. Tomorrow she goes to the orthodontist for her 2nd changing of her wires. Hopefully she won’t be too uncomfortable after that. I can empathize with her situation since I remember what it was like.

Enjoy your day today. I’m hoping the weather man is right and that it’s our last cold day and we’ll start seeing a warm up! I’d love to walk outside again.


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