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Pluggin’ along…

on March 11, 2015

My body is soooo sore. I wanted to sleep in, but I registered for today’s class and felt obligated to go. Tomorrow is a DOR.

Wednesday’s WOD:
A) Front squat: 10min to build to a max for the day – got to 115#
B) Clean and Jerk practice: 10min to build to a technical max – got to 100#, 1st attempt was so-so, 2nd attempt failed on jerk
C) Every 20 sec for 5 min (15 reps): 1 C&J @75%+ of B – 75#, not hard

Notes: A and B should both be “technical” maxes, meaning, that you don’t go until you can’t do any more weight, but you go until you can’t do more weight with anything other than PERFECT technique. Allow yourself to only do it the right way. On C, you should do power cleans and push jerks and try to TnG from the PC into PJ.

D) 3 rounds:
2 minutes burpees
1 min rest – 24, 25, 25

Notes: The goal is to hit the same number of burpees in each 2 minute set. That means that unless you are a burpee master and have a big aerobic engine, you’ll have to intentionally pace these. Pacing doesn’t mean slow, it just means not “all out” and it means sustainable.

I’m going to walk soon, shower and shop before working at WW. I’ll weigh-in this week. I’m so sore in my legs that I don’t have hopes for a large loss this week. I have been 10 days without nuts, cereal and popcorn!


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