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FRIDAY! That means sleeping in tomorrow!

on March 13, 2015

TGIF! Many things to do today, but first the workout!

Friday’s WOD:
Teams of 3

20 min AMRAP:
Station 1: Row for calories
Station 2: Double KB Lunge (across the room 4 times)
Station 3: Rest

Notes: One person will start at each station and you aren’t allowed to rotate until the person doing the lunges finishes the 4 lengths. Hold the KB’s by the handles down at your sides as if they were DBs.
Your team’s score will be total calories rowed.

This workout was a leg and quad killer! Initially I tried 2-20# KB but that was ridiculous, so we went with the 15# and that was hard too! Our coach was using 35 or 40#, I didn’t look, but they were big! LOL Usually rowing is pretty tough, but in this workout it was pretty easy! My team of Judy, Amy and I did great! Oh, I almost forgot the torture. Ben decided that since today’s workout was pretty short we would do a Tabata hollow hold! Uggg…that sucks so bad. Google it, it sucks. I complained that I didn’t read that on Facebook! LOL

On tap for today. I’m going to hit up the treadmill soon, I think I’ll run a bit today so I need to set up Netflix and find something to watch for a bit. Once I’m cleaned up I need to head out for some errands. Walmart, the bank and Pierces. The girls are having friends over tonight and I need to get some more food for them. One girl can’t have milk or cheese so pizza is out. I’m going with spaghetti and meatballs. None of which I have at home! LOL

I’m also going to try to be ambitious and bake English Muffin bread, make more peanut butter, maybe some peanut butter cookies, get some laundry done and clean up the house a bit. We’ll see what really gets done! LOL

I’m off! Enjoy your day!


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