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Wall balls = PAIN!

on March 17, 2015

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was so nice, the sun could have been shining more, but I did get in a 2 1/2 mile walk on the levee after work. I also walked a mile with C after supper. I was hoping all that walking would help my quads recover from 100 wall balls, but no such luck! I’m in so much pain, but I know working out and moving will help move that lactic acid build-up along. 😛

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) Deadlift: 8×2, 1:15 clock. Try to go a little heavier than last week while still maintaining perfect form. 145# (1), 155# (1), 165# (6)

B) Pull Ups: 2-4 strict pull-ups every :30 for 10 minutes. Use as little assistance as possible while getting the full range of motion. – banded for me

C) 15min AFAP
100 DUs (scale to 300 single unders) – singles UNBROKEN!
60 KB swings, 50/35 (American swings if in the Open) – 35#
50 AbMat Sit Ups
40 T2B (scale to lying leg raises if necessary) – leg raises
30 lunges with your KB – 35# (woohoo, MORE lunges!)
AMRAP HSPU (scale with Wall Walks) – 3 wall walks, then I held plank for 2 minutes

I’m going to walk & read soon and then do a few chores around the house before I work at 1pm today.

No other news to share, enjoy your day!


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