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Partner WOD!

on March 20, 2015

Happy Friday!

Friday’s WOD:
Teams of 2, 2 RFT:
1000m row, switch every 250m (partner holds plank)
50 push press 95/65# (partner holds handstand) – 65# first round, down to 55# for the second
50 KB swings, 50/35# (partner holds dead hang from bar)… – 35#
50 goblet squats 50/35# (partner does synchronized air squats) – 35#

Notes: 30 min cut-off. Aside from the row where you must switch every 250m, you and your partner can share the work however you like. Your partner MUST be in the corresponding “hold” position in order for your reps to count. On the row, that means that if your partner can’t hold the plank for as long as it takes for you to row your 250, you must stop rowing while your partner rests and then finish the 250 once they’re back in their plank before you can switch at the 250 mark. HS holds can be done facing the wall or facing away from it. Any grip is allowed on the dead hang.

Record partners and times to comments – Michelle was my partner today and we got done in 27:30! It was an arm killer for sure.

I’m going on the treadmill soon and then I need to get showered up and head into work for a bit. They finally approved additional hours for shelf reading. I’m thinking 2 hours or so and I’ll be brain-dead and won’t remember the alphabet!

Enjoy your day!


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