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28 days!

on March 30, 2015

I made it 28 days before I succumbed to eating a boatload of nuts and cereal yesterday afternoon. Blerg… was not easy to get to sleep with all those carbs in my belly. Here’s to a new day. 🙂

Monday’s WOD:

A) EMOM x8: 3 back squats @75-80%1RM – 105#

B1) 10 alt’g step-ups, wtd if possible, thigh parallel w/ground, no higher, rest 1 min – held 35# KB
B2) Romanian Deadlift (RDL), 6-8 @3030, 3 sets, rest 1 min – did 65# – 3 sets

C) For time, 21-15-9: (7min cut off)
wall balls – 14#
deadlifts, 205/135, 185/125, 155/105
double unders (63-45-29 singles) – singles  6:11 was my time

Notes: You’re going to alternate between B1 & B2. Minimize push off of bottom leg during step-ups, hold DB/KB if possible.
This is our first taste of tempo work.The first number is eccentric, the second number is the time spent in the bottom position, the third number is the concentric, and the fourth number is the top of the lift. Since we’ll start the RDLs from the waist, 3030 means 3 seconds to lower the weight, 0 second pause at the end (bottom), 3 seconds to raise the weight, 0 second pause at the start (top). Keep load light if needed.
Here is a video of how to perform an RDL (also read the execution). Keys are to keep a flat back and slight bend in knees.…/…/Romanian-Deadlift/

When I got home I ran 1 mile on the treadmill which was torture since my quads were used a lot this morning. I just wanted to up my step count for the day since I’ll be sitting in a movie this afternoon. Well, that’s if the girls get their list of chores done before I get home. 😛

I work 8:45-1 today, hoping to go to the movie and then a walk tonight.

Enjoy your day!


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