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Skating today!

on March 31, 2015

When I got home from work yesterday the girls had their chores done so I quickly at lunch and we headed out to watch “Home”. It was an okay movie, nothing great, but it was a nice treat for the girls to get to go out with mom.

Today the girls and friends are going roller skating while I’m at work.

I held my food together pretty well yesterday and got in a lot of activity and woke up ready for the gym!

Tuesday’s WOD:
A) EMOM x12:
min 1-3: strict pull-ups, 3-6 reps
min 4-6: kipping pull-ups, 5-15 reps
min 7-9: strict HSPU, 3-6 reps
min 10-12: kipping HSPU, 5-15 reps

B) 15 min AMRAP:
10 alt’g DB snatch, 50/30lb
15 target burpees, 6″
20 box jumps, 24/20″

– scale strict Pull-ups to banded Pull-ups or ring row, kipping Pull-ups to hollow/arch swings from bar at 8-10 reps
– scale strict HSPU to wall walk + 10 sec HS hold, kipping HSPU to 10 DB Push Press (neutral grip)
– legit 6″ jump for target burpees, use rings or rig to find the right height.

I did all of workout A modified. I am proud that I got REALLY close to the wall on wall walks today! It was scary and exciting at the same time! LOL  Workout B I did a 15# DB and step ups since my quads were shot from burpees and I did not want to cut my shin open on the box edge.

I’m going to walk and read in a bit and then get showered up. I finished my book last night and I’m happy to start a new one. That’s what I know, enjoy your day!


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