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New day!

on April 6, 2015

Easter was nice, the food was great, I took some kids to the park for a bit and I ate way too much! LOL New day, right? That also means I’m back to no nuts & no cereal rule. I’m adding popcorn back in, but not as often. When I did have it the other day it wasn’t as delicious as I remember. 😛

Back at the gym to work off my Anniversary/Easter food. New day!

Monday’s WOD:
A) 8×3 Front Squats @75-80%1RM, 1min clock – I did 95# for all

B1) 10 alternating reverse lunges, hold DB/KB at sides, rest 1 min, 3 sets – two 20# KB
B2) Romanian Deadlifts (RDL), 6-8 @3030, rest 1 min, 3 sets, heavier than last week.… – went to 75# this week
Notes: Alternate between B1&B2. Stick to the tempo on the RDLs

C) For time: (10min cut off)
20 kipping pull-ups – green and red band
15 Front Squats from the ground 185/125, 135/95, or 115/75 – 75#
10 wall walks (rep starts w/body touching floor, ends w/nose touching wall) – got as close as I could, my arms were shot!
15 Front Squats from the ground 185/125, 135/95, or 115/75
20 kipping pull-ups – I did manage to finish in 8:40

I work 8:45-1 today and I’ll walk and read this afternoon. L has piano tonight and hubby and I are going to drop off the bench at the gym. He doesn’t know it yet, but I think it has to get out of our garage and they did pay us for it already. 🙂

Enjoy your day!


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