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Partner WOD

on April 10, 2015

Happy Friday! It’s been go, go, go today!

I got up for the gym today. I’m so glad it’s Friday and truthfully this week has flown by!

Friday’s WOD:
Partner WOD
A) 100 Med Ball Passes. Stand back to w/ partner & pass the med ball around yourselves. 50 times one way, 50 times the opposite way. – We’ve never done this before. I’m sure my sides/abs will feel it tomorrow.

B) 20:00 AMCAP (As Many Calories As Possible)
1:00 5 Deadlifts (155/115#) – 115#
1:00 Row for calories – I think we ended at 256 calories or so.
In pairs, one partner performs each skill and switches every minute. Score is total calories.

C) Stretch! Use the rest of the time to stretch and work on mobility.

While we stretched Coach Ben went around with the IPad and showed us our form. He was taping us again today. Thank goodness more form was spot on in the deadlift! My rowing is good too, he says I come back forward with the knee bed a tad to quick, BUT I don’t go over my knees on the return so all is good!

I intended to walk & read before I went to school at 9:30am, but time go away from me. I did a quick stop at the library to find a book for L on Libya, but we don’t have any. Boo. Then it was off to school to see C get her attendance and accelerated reading awards. I stopped in at Pierce’s for some produce that is on sale and then to Walmart. I had to return the sports bras I bought for C and get a bunch of food items for upcoming recipes. The final stop was Kwik Trip to put air in my tire and get some things from there. I drove home, unpacked and ate lunch. Now I’m looking for a particular recipe before I DO walk & read.

I have some upcoming newer recipes. Tonight is homemade turkey patties & fluffy pancakes. Tomorrow is pork chop suey. Sunday is jambalaya in the crock pot and making lasagna for next week. I think we should have enough leftovers for Tuesday-Thursday next week. I’ll post recipes if they are a success.

That’s what I know. Enjoy your Friday!


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