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Sick kiddo

on April 16, 2015

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday C was home sick from school, she had a fever off and on, sore throat, stiff neck from laying on the cough and low appetite. This morning she does not have a fever, but her throat is still sore and she’s snoring away on the couch. I’m keeping her home again today. She did manage to eat a scrambled egg and some water and juice. I’ll keep pushing the fluids today and see if she’ll take a warm bath later on. I put Vick’s on her neck and throat to help open up the congestion. She will NOT take medicine. The last time she did she threw up and refuses to take it again. So, we do Vick’s instead.

I’m not working today, but I took care of that last night and have a coworker covering for me. I do work tonight at WW, but hubby and L will be home by then. I’m going to get a little walking in on the treadmill, nothing killer since it’s my DOR and on Monday I earned 7 APs, Tuesday & Wednesday were both 9 APs. That’s a lot for me. I’ll be glad for 1-2 today. I’ll be back at the gym tomorrow morning and have a walking date for 8am with a friend.

Nothing much else is going on today. Laundry and cleaning up a bit. I went into the girls’ rooms to find dirty clothes and ended up hanging up shirts and sorting socks. At least I can see the floor again!

That’s what I know. Enjoy your day!


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