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OMG! The partner WOD was a killer!

on April 17, 2015

Happy Friday!

C stayed home from school yesterday. No fever, no appetite, lots of coughing and resting. She went to bed early with Vick’s and a vaporizer. When I got home from the gym she was laying on the couch. I gave her a pep talk, checked her temperature (no fever) and told her to get ready for school and I’d pack her lunch for her. Since she doesn’t have much of an appetite, I went with a 1/2 PB&J on home made bread, applesauce and honey in a small container for her throat. I told her if she can’t make it the whole day to call home and I’ll get her. She did NOT want to miss the talent show and her BF’s birthday party tonight. I think she’ll be fine.

I wasn’t sure how I’d be after today’s workout! LOL

Friday’s WOD:
In pairs, each of you will complete 10 Rounds, working one at a time. While one partner is completing their round, the other is hanging from the bar. For every time the partner hanging comes off the bar before the round is complete, each will complete 3 burpees at the end.

8 Wall Balls (20#/14#) – 14#
2 Wall Walks
6 Squat Cleans (75#/55#) – 55#

So, Amy was my partner today and she was awesome! She’s come a long way in the little time she’s been at the gym. She’s graduated to the 14# ball and tried the 55# cleans, but went to the lighter bar partway through. I also ended up adding small bands to the hang on the bar, it was a killer!

The first round I hung the entire time she worked out and my hands would barely unclench. I determined it was best to drop after her wall walks and take the 3 burpee penalty. We got through 9 rounds or so before the 30 minute cut-off. We then had to do 33 penalty burpees. Which were totally worth it! LOL

I came home and had to shower before my walking date at 8am. I just couldn’t stand myself! 😛 Gemma and I walked for over an hour and I’m at 12400 steps and it’s only 10:30am. I do plan on another walk today either this afternoon or after supper. I have to enjoy this gorgeous weather while it lasts.

I work tomorrow 8:45-2 and then am going to hit up a garage sale or two. I went to one this morning and found some super cheap Tupperware! My favorite thing to buy.

Enjoy your day!


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