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Bronchitis and tooth pulling!

on April 21, 2015

C’s Dr. appointment diagnosed her with bronchitis. She’s on antibiotics and today seems better than yesterday. She’ll be back in school tomorrow and will have a mountain of homework to make up. Hubby took L to the dentist and she needs a baby tooth pulled. I’m hoping she gets it out on her own before the appointment in a few weeks.

Tuesday’s WOD:
A1) Press, 4×5, small increases per set, rest 1 min – 60#, seemed heavy
A2) Bar Bell bent over row, 4×10, small increases per set, rest 1 min – 55#, heavy the last few reps

– make sure scaps are fully retracted at top of bent over row; use lats and mid-back, not upper traps. If we don’t have enough barbells, use DBs/KBs for the row in A2

B) EMOM x21
min 1 – 8-12 KB swings, 50/35- 35#
min 2 – row for calls 10M/7F – 7 cal
min 3 – 8-12 HR push-ups – first few rounds were standard, then I went to my knees

I work 1-5 today and I already got in 3 miles on the treadmill. I may walk again after supper and read.

Enjoy your day!


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