My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Hump Day!

on April 22, 2015

C was rip-raring ready for school today! That kid was crazy with a capital C! I’m so glad she’s feeling better. On the other hand, L got home from school and after supper went to bed, woke up around 7pm and had cereal and went back to bed. Thankfully she woke up feeling great this morning. Just exhausted from testing at school.

Me? Well, I’m doing well. Food is so-so, but not crazy. TOM is here and that’s always fun to deal with. 😛 I weigh-in today. No clue, but I’m sure I’ll be up some because of poor food choices.

On to more fun things! LOL

Wednesday’s WOD:
A) Clean Practice: 3-position clean (floor, below knee, mid-thigh) + 1 jerk, 6 sets, 2:30 clock 60#, 65#, 70#, 75#, 80#, 85#
– You’ll do one clean from the floor, followed by one hang clean from just below the knee, followed by a hang clean from the mid-thigh (see comments for a video), then 1 jerk
– focus on mechanics over load on these. Practice being in the right positions and each pause

B) Airdyne! 6 rounds on a 2:30 clock, @100% effort for calories, 20M/15F – 28 sec, 29, 33, 30, 30, 30
– These should take 20-30 seconds at 100% effort to get 20/15 cals leaving your 2+minutes of recovery. Go 100% for each round! Walk around while recovering.

The gym left me pretty wiped out! I will walk on the treadmill before I shower. I have some shopping to do before I work at WW and then it’s home before I work at 5pm. My plan is to be in bed by 9:30 tonight and sleep until 5:30am, we’ll see how that works out. LOL

Enjoy your day!


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