My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Mixed blessing.

on April 24, 2015

Last night my friend Cheryl has to cancel dinner since her sister is ill. She has cancer and has been having some issues. That also meant that it was only Chris and I working last night, but all went well at WW. No new people so that helped a bit. I would have loved to go to dinner, but it probably saved me a ton of calories by eating when I got home. Mixed blessing.

Friday’s WOD:
A) Deadlift: 4×5, 2min clock, build per set if possible. Make sure to strive for perfect form. 135#, 145#, 155#(2)

B) Partner WOD:
Station 1 – Wall Balls (20#/14#) & Wall Sits – 14#
Station 2 – Ground 2 Overhead (135#/95#) & Bar Hold at waist – 65#
Station 3 – Pull-ups & Overhead Plate Hold (45#/25#) – 25#
Station 4 – KB Swings (50#/35#) & KB Hold OH, one arm – 30# swing, 25# hold
Station 5 – Sit-ups & Plank
4:00 per station. In teams of two, while one partner works the first skill, the other holds the second skill. Switch when one is tired or the other partner breaks the hold. Record partners & reps to comments

Great sweaty workout with Amy as my partner! I’m going to walk and read soon, shower up and head out. I want to hit some garage sales in the area, Goodwill, Dollar Tree & Pierce’s before I pick up the girls and their friends from school at noon. They are going to hang out until Stacci gets off work and she’ll pick up her girls.

No major plans for the weekend. I’d really like/need new shoes. Asics of course. That may require a trip to the Dells or Madison. If we go to Madison we’ll have to hit up Goodwill down there too. We’ll see what the weekend brings.

Enjoy your day!


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