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Suns out, guns out!

on April 28, 2015

No, not a real gun, biceps! This morning our coach Mary said our guns were looking good this morning. We did a bunch of pushups and pullups.

Tuesday WOD:

A1) 8-12 push-ups, (use rings/parallettes if possible) rest 1 min, 3 sets – I did several normal before I hit my knees.
A2) 5-8 Strict pull-ups, (wtd if possible) rest 1 min, 3 sets – I used a green and red band

B) 25 min AMRAP @90% effort pacing:
Row 400m
Farmer walk, 50/35# per hand (4 lengths of gym, from garage door to whiteboard is 1 length) – 35# each hand
3 wall walks – did some 30 second holds towards the end

I’m going to walk & read or watch TV in a bit. I work 1-5 and hope to walk again after supper. Hubby and I walked last night, L had a lot of homework and C wanted to practice badminton.

I stayed on track with food yesterday (thank goodness) and got in over 10,000 steps. Working all day was long, but I managed a 15 minute walk at lunch and that was wonderful!

Enjoy your day!


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