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Friday catch up

on May 1, 2015

Let’s see…I didn’t post for Thursday so here goes for that.

I took a DOR. NO ACTIVITY! Unheard of, yeah, I felt guilty, but it’s okay, back at it today. I worked Thursday until 1pm and then Tricia and I went out for lunch. I went with the gyro and it was Freakin’ Awesome! I was full at suppertime so I just had a smoothie before L’s band concert last night. Her concert was good and entertaining and we were home around 8:30pm. C stayed after school to make Ukrainian eggs and we picked her up on the way to the concert. I got to bed later than usual, but made it to the gym. I’ll make up for my lack of sleep tonight.

Oh, did I mention I lost 1.4# on Wednesday? Yeah, lowest weight since November! On a roll and I’m determined not to blow it this weekend.

On to the gym…

Friday WOD
Start with some core work (ex: tabata hollow hold). Then…

We ended up doing 8 rounds of hollow holds, they suck! Then we did 6 lengths on the seal walk, which sucks equally as bad! LOL

If weather is nice, do this Partner WOD:
Partner AMRAP, 25 Minutes
20 Wall-ball (20/14) – 14#
20 KB Swings (53/35) – 35#
20 Sit-ups
20 Jumping Lunges
20 Pull-ups – green and black band
20 Ring Dips (or parallettes or box dips) – parallettes
20 Squats

@10\15 minute mark both teammates run 250m (we’ll say that 250M is to the stop sign & back (out the garage door to the right).
The athlete that begins the movement must complete the 20 reps and you must switch each exercise. Example, Round 1: Partner 1 does wallball, situps, Pullups, & squats, and Partner 2 does KB Swings, jumping lunges, ring dips. Round 2: would then switch with partner 2 starting with the wallball etc…

The other tidbit that was left off was the run at the 20 minute mark. Mary threw that in when we returned from the 15 min. run. It was a great workout.

I worked until 1pm and then my friend met me at 1:30 to walk the levee for an hour. One stop at Kwik Trip and a change of clothes later and I’m hanging out online.

L is going to a dance tonight and I’m stopping at Pierce’s to get a few sale items. I’m hoping to convince hubby to pick her up at 8pm. 🙂


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