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Off to shop!

on May 8, 2015

I’m forgoing walking this morning for shopping! I’m heading to Kohl’s for shoes and maybe workout clothes. Then I’m going to Aldi to stock up on some items. I’ll be back in time to eat lunch before work at 1pm. (okay, I may walk for a bit on the treadmill, but nothing sweaty! LOL) I’ll probably walk tonight after I get off work at 6pm and eat something.

Friday’s WOD:
A) Core Work; Coach’s choice of 5-8mins of core strengthening work – we did planks, regular and side for 30 sec. hold, 10 sec. rest

B) WOD 1:
12:00 AMcAP
1:00, 3 Burpees + 5 KB Swings (70#/50# – go heavy!) – 45# KB
1:00, Row for calories – Amy I and got 154 calories!
In teams of two, alternate EMOM between the burpees/KB swings and the row. Your team’s score is total calories.

Rest 3min

C) WOD 2:
5:00 AMRAP, Alternate complete rounds with your partner
1 Power Clean (95#/65#) – 55#
2 Lunges w/bar in front rack position (one each leg)
1 Push Press – 20 rounds total!

D) Stretch: Use the remaining class time to stretch. Don’t overlook the importance of cooling down and stretching. We worked the posterior chain a lot this week (the muscle groups on the back side of your body). It would be wise to spend some time addressing those muscles.

Gotta get ready to shop and I have to stop for gas before I leave town! Enjoy your day!


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