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Pushing myself!

on May 11, 2015

Happy Monday!!!!! I slept like a rock, didn’t move, didn’t wake up until my alarm went off. I wasn’t quite sure what the noise was, but I quickly figured it out. I got up and put on my new exercise pants. Yep, tight ones! Nobody cared and L said she liked them! 😛 I was worried they would fall down since they only have elastic and no tie, but they were just fine.

Monday’s WOD:
A) Snatch Practice: High-hang snatch, 7×3; light/moderate weight, speed/technique focus, 1:30 clock – 45# for 4 rounds, 50# for 3 rounds

Notes: In the high-hang position, the bar should start NO LOWER than your hip crease; you won’t get a lot of drive into the bar so you’ll have to keep the loads lighter and get under it fast

B) 3 rounds (15min cut-off)
30 Russian KB Swings, 50/35# – 35# KB
15 lateral bar over burpees
10 Hang Power Snatches, 95/65 or 75/55 – 55# this about killed me after 21 other snatches! 12:15 was my time.

I work 8:45-1 and then I have a few things I’d like to get done this afternoon if possible….

  • walk
  • plant more seeds in the garden
  • bake bread
  • bake a banana & oat cookie recipe (I have a ton of ripe bananas!)
  • relax and read!

Enjoy your Monday!


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