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on May 15, 2015

4 days of healthy eating and exercise done! I gained 1.4# this week at WW, but I expected that. Tonight hubby and I are going out for dinner as our date night for the month. No idea where since we didn’t have time to hash that out last night.

Friday’s WOD:
A) Front squat @33X1 tempo, 3×5, same weight all sets, 3:30 clock
Notes: This tempo means 3 second descent, 3 second pause in the bottom of your front squat, X = AFAP in the “up” portion, and 1 second at the top. 80# for all

B) Teams of 2, partition work anyway, 1 person working at a time, 25min cut-off. For total time:

1 round
40 Pull ups
60 Sit ups
80 Double unders (240 singles)

immediately into,
2 rounds
30 Pull ups
50 Sit ups
70 Double unders (210 singles)

immediately into,
3 rounds:
20 Pull ups
40 Sit ups
60 Double unders (180 singles)

Amy was my partner today and we finished with seconds to spare! I used the green and black band for pull ups. When we were done I tried just the green band and could do a few. So next time I’m exchanging the black band for the red band which is skinnier. Progress…

I’m going to walk and read, I think I can finish up the book I’m reading. The girls have early release today and C has an orthodontist appointment this afternoon. When she’s done we’ll head out to get a few items from the store. We have to bake chocolate chip cookies for her party on Thursday. I figure if we back them on Sunday and freeze them it’ll be better than baking them during the week.

Not too much on tap for the weekend. Maybe a flea market and/or garage sales. We also have to prepare for our garage sale next Saturday.

Enjoy your day!


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