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Thursday WOD on Saturday!

on May 16, 2015

Last night hubby and I went out for dinner to the Mexican restaurant. I didn’t do too bad eating there. At least I didn’t have a margarita like he did! LOL Then I got some ice cream after we drove around for a bit. I repented my bad eating by going to the gym this morning! I was the only one there working out so Ben was able to run the clock for me.

Thursday’s WOD:
A1) Press, 3×5 @82.5% of training weight*; 1:30 clock – 55#
A2) Pendlay row (see comments for demo video), 3×5, same weight all sets; 1:30 clock – 55#

Notes: *training weight is 90% of 1RM; know your training weight and remember it for the entire cycle

B) Against a 20 min running clock, starting at 0:00, complete for time:
15 Hanging knee raises
20 Shoulder to OH, 75/55 or 65/45 – 55#
15 Hanging knee raises
20 OHS, 75/55 or 65/45 55#
15 Hanging knee raises
20 Thrusters, 75/55 or 65/45 55#
15 Hanging knee raises
(whatever amount of time that’s left until 10:00 is rest) finished around 6:20

Then at 10:00, complete for time:
40 Double-unders or 120 single unders – singles for all
6 wall walks – these were so-so
30 Double-unders or 90 single unders
4 wall walks – did 2, then held inclined plank
10 Double-unders or 30 single unders
2 wall walks – held 30 sec. inclined plank and a 20 sec.

I came home and went for a mile walk, which I may do again to get some activity in. We’ve been preparing for our garage sale next Saturday. WOW, we have a ton of clothes for the sale! C is helping to make signs.

L is going to a friend’s house soon to work on a project for school and I supposed I should do some outside work before we get the rain they keep talking about.


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