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Shoulder Burn-Out!

on May 22, 2015

Happy Sunny Friday!

Yesterday I went out for lunch with Tricia! I had a Buffalo Chicken Panini and Sweet Potato Fries. I did excellent eating there, super proud of how well I did. Last night I went to the gym to listen to a dietician speak. It was informative, nothing I didn’t already now, but it helped to reaffirm a few things.

The scale was up a bit this morning, I’m thinking from the restaurant food and popcorn before bed. No biggie.

Friday’s WOD:
A) Deadlift, 5@75%, 3@85%, 1+@95% of training weight*, slow & controlled throughout, 3:00 clock 140#, 155#, 175#

Notes: remember that the “1+” set of DLs is a max rep set, BUT TERMINATE THE SET WHEN YOU CAN’T MAINTAIN A NEUTRAL SPINE; record weight used and reps to comments

B) Partner WOD:
AMRAP, 3:00 per station with 1:00 rest in between stations. While one partner works, the other is in the hold position.
Station 1: Thrusters – bar only (45/35) / Front Rack Hold – bar only  74 reps
Station 2: HR Push-ups / Hang Hold 60 reps
Station 3: Wall Balls (20/14#) / Wall Sit 77 reps
Station 4: Burpees / Plank 39 reps
Station 5: OH Lunges (15/10# plate) / Handstand Hold 74 reps

I’m going to walk soon with Gemma, then it’s home to clean up and grab a snack before I head to Madison for some food shopping. I need to stock up for the Whole 30 that starts June 1st! I’m excited and scared! LOL


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