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Day 5 Whole 30 & Partner WOD

on June 5, 2015

Yesterday was Day 4 of Whole 30 and it went well. I did get a little testy with the kids, but I think that’s normal! LOL

I left off with breakfast, here’s the rest.

Day 4 morning snack

Snack at work, butternut squash with ghee and a hard boiled egg.

Day 4 lunch

Lunch: Orange, salad with tuna salad, cashews, olives and olive oil

Day 4 afternoon snack

Snack before working at WW, grapes and sunflower seeds. I also had a Kombucha while working.

Day 4 supper

Supper was leftover carrots cooked in oil and garlic, 1/2 baked potato and some BBQ pork that was delicious!

Day 4 evening snack

Snack, banana with cinnamon and cocoa powder, nuts, raisins, apricot, dates, coconut.

I know I still have to work on my snacking, but again, it’s vastly improved! I’m not perfect for sure! 😛

Last night I slept pretty well, less restless than prior nights.

Friday’s WOD:
A) Deadlift, 5@52.5%, 3@57.5%, 2@60%, 15@62.2% of training weight, 95#, 105#, 110#, 115#

Notes: The set of 15 should be “moderately challenging” but well below “hard”. This is a good day to ease up on the heavy loading and change the “feel” a bit.

B) Partner WOD (40min cut off):
One person working at a time, 2 RFT:
500 Meter Relay Run (250m each)
50 Hand Release Push Ups
500 Meter Relay Run
50 Russian Kettlebell Swings, 50/35#
500 Meter Relay Run
50 Sit Ups
500 Meter Relay Run
50 Double Unders or 150 single unders
500 Meter Relay Run
50 Box Jumps (24/20)

Notes: Everything but the runs can be partitioned anyway, 250M is to New Pinery Rd/DeWitt St & back. Lots to do in this WOD – be there on time and ready to get going. – Judy and I were part of the  -Team this morning. We finished in 39:50!

A team 060515

Go A-Team! LOL

I’m going to walk and read and shower up. I have a dentist appointment today at 11am. I’m packing my lunch because I’m going to do some hanging out in the Dells/Baraboo area today.

Supper tonight will be spaghetti squash topped with pizza sauce (homemade and leftover) and ground turkey breast. Along with some mushrooms and olives all baked in a 9×13 pan. The kids can add cheese to their part.

Enjoy your day!


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