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Day 13 Whole 30 (with Day 12 food)

on June 13, 2015

Day 12 was pretty good. I went to the gym and walked twice during the day. The rain ended up clearing up and it was nice to get outside.

Day 12 preWOD

Pre workout cherries.

Day 12 breakfast

Bananas with cinnamon and cocoa powder. Eggs with onions and veggie scramble with pork chop.

Day 12 morning snack

Butternut squash for morning snack.

Day 12 lunch

Lunch was grapes and cherries. Salad with tuna, olives, egg and homemade dressing.

Day 12 afternoon snack

Seeds and Kombucha.

Day 12 supper

Supper was watermelon, beets, homemade potato salad, sautéed beans and carrots and chicken drumsticks.

Day 12 evening snack

Banana, pineapple, nuts, raisins, coconut.

This morning I did a 45 minute walk on the treadmill while reading my book. Once the girls get motivated we’ll start our garage sale for today. They say the rain will hold off until this afternoon. We may close up early and head to the flea market in town later on today.

Enjoy your day!


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