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Day 18 Whole 30 (with Day 17 food)

on June 18, 2015

Alright, TOM started up and the food cravings aren’t awful, but I ate more yesterday than the previous 2 days.

Day 17 preWOD

Watermelon before the gym.

Day 17 breakfast

Berries, eggs with olives, avocado and veggies with chicken

Day 17 WW snack

Larabar and Kombucha at Weight Watchers

Day 17 lunch

Salmon patty, orange and salad with olives and homemade ranch dressing

Day 17 afternoon

Apple and almond butter before work.

Day 17 dinner no beans

Tuna salad and butternut squash with ghee, didn’t eat the beans.

Day 17 night snack

Grapes on the ride home.

Day 17 night

Banana with nuts, raisins and coconut. I did have more nuts and raisins and then my seeds! Ugly TOM-monster!

Day 17 snacks

Besides the extras yesterday was a good day for me. I kept my cool with the girls. C was being a pill and not talking to her sister. I calmly talked to them both about it individually and by the time I got home from work it was all resolved.

No exercise for me this morning. I slept in, woke up, finished reading my book and prepped salads and made breakfast. I think it was a bit too much though since I am stuffed! LOL It should hold me over until I eat lunch at 1:15. If I’m hungry at work I’ll eat my beans otherwise I’m taking some tea to drink.

I work 8:45-1 today. This afternoon I’m taking the girls to the tennis courts and then tonight L has tennis from 7-8. I plan to go walking for a bit of that and/or read.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading to Coscto with Tricia. I’m hoping to find bulk nuts, tuna, produce that all work with Whole 30. My best friend is coming on Saturday and I’m going to have a dinner ready since they will get here after 4pm. I’m thinking salad, fresh veggies and fruit and chicken breasts and hot dogs. I’ll probably make homemade potato salad too.

Friday I have to take the girls Father’s Day shopping in the afternoon. No idea what we’ll get him, we’ll figure it out by then! LOL

Enjoy your day!


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