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Whole 30 Day 19 (with Day 18 food)

on June 19, 2015

Wow! I’ve made it to day 19! It’s becoming old hat at this point. Thursday morning I didn’t exercise, but on my 10 minute break at work I walked around the block again. Last night while L was at tennis I walked the track for about 8-9 laps and then sat and watched them play. Even though it was a DOR I got over 11,000 steps. 🙂

Day 18 breakfast

Breakfast, kiwi, eggs with olives, bacon (eh) and veggies

Day 18 lunch

Lunch, watermelon, salad with beef, olives, ranch and avocado

Day 18 afternoon snack

Afternoon seeds and Kombucha, didn’t need it, wanted it.

Day 18 supper

Supper, cherries, beans, carrots, 1/2 pickle, chicken chunks and sautéed bok choy, onions, water chestnuts and Chinese cabbage.

Day 18 snack

Banana, applesauce, nuts, raisins, coconut, plus MORE nuts no pictured.

I slept like a ROCK last night. According to my fitbit I only moved ONCE last night! I also woke up 1 minute before my alarm was going to go off. Awesome sleep

Friday’s WOD:
A) Deadlift, 3@70%, 3@80%, 3@90% of training weight, slow & controlled throughout, 3:30 clock 130#, 150#, 165#

B) Team WOD (25min cut-off)
For time in teams of 2:
60 cal row COMBINED while partner holds deadlift, 315/205, 275/185, 225/155, 185/125 – 125#
60 TTB or Hanging Knee Raises COMBINED while partner hangs from bar – knee raises
60 HSPU or 15 wall walks COMBINED while partner holds hand stand – wall walks
4 lengths of gym, plate OH walking lunge EACH, 45/25 or 25/15 – 15# plate

Notes: the work for the rowing, TTB, and HSPU can be shared but can only be done while your partner is doing the corresponding hold. Lunges at the end must be done one at a time with partner 1 completing 4 lengths with plate overhead before partner 2 goes.

This workout was an arm burner for sure! Happy it’s over.

I’m heading out to Costco soon and maybe Aldi too. Enjoy your day!


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