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Whole 30 Day 20 & 21 (with Day 19 & 20 food)

on June 21, 2015

Let’s see if I can remember Friday! LOL

Day 19 preWOD

Cherries before the gym.

Day 19 breakfast

Berries, eggs with olives, veggies with sausage

Day 19 lunch

Cherries and watermelon, salad with chicken and avocado

Day 19 snacks


Day 19 supper

Pork chop, avocado, asparagus and Brussels sprouts

Day 19 snack

Banana, applesauce, nuts, raisins, coconut

Friday I went to Costco and Aldi in Sun Prairie. I got a few items in bulk that I know we’ll use. Otherwise there is not a lot of compliant foods there to buy. I got in an afternoon walk and an evening walk while hubby played tennis with L. I also helped her with tennis by tossing balls over the net so she could practice backhand, forehand and shots up by the net.

Saturday morning I worked out after breakfast. I did interval running on the treadmill and then walked for a bit.

Day 20 breakfast

Strawberries, eggs with olives, veggie scramble with beef.

Day 20 lunch

Apple and almond butter, salad with pork and avocado

Day 20 afternoon snack

Late afternoon snack of butternut squash and ghee.

Day 20 snack

Supper was late so to tide me over I had my banana, pineapple, nuts, coconut mixture

Day 20 supper

My friend Rachel was here visiting with her family on their way to Milwaukee. Supper was very late for us, but delicious! Turkey brat, homemade fries, pickle, green beans (2 ways) and leftover Brussels sprouts.


Finished the night with seeds and a bowl of nuts (not pictured).

Yesterday afternoon I went for a LONG walk.

So, today is Sunday and Father’s Day. I slept in a bit and so far have been taking it easy. I made some ghee and prepped salads for the week. I don’t have any plans on morning exercise, but I may walk this afternoon or after supper. We are going to see Jurassic World this afternoon for Father’s Day. I have steaks to grill up for supper and C wants to make baked apples with almond butter for dessert.

How is this Whole 30 going?

  • Some days are easier than others.
  • My skin isn’t that much better than before.
  • My clothes aren’t any looser and I don’t see any physical changes.
  • My mood is improved and I don’t find myself getting as frustrated with the kids.
  • My sleeping is back to normal, the first week was AWFUL!
  • I look forward to avocado! 🙂
  • I believe my joints do feel better in the morning.
  • Bathroom habits are a lot different. I also don’t pee as much as I used too. Weird.
  • I don’t wake up famished.
  • I love my hearty filling breakfasts and I’m surprised I’ve gone a few days without a morning snack.
  • Hunger is not an emergency.

One final thing, today is my 2 year Crossfitaversary! Two years ago today I walked into the gym for the first time. Many things have changed in those 2 years, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


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