My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Whole 30 THE END! (with Day 30 food)

on July 1, 2015

Day 30 breakfast Day 30 lunch Day 30 morning Day 30 preWOD Day 30 snack DAy 30 snacks Day 30 supper

Here’s what I ate yesterday. I did take photos of myself this morning and I see no change in my body. The scale has me down 3.6# and I love 7.25″ overall. Mostly my legs and lower hips! Woohoo for that! My skin doesn’t look much different than before I started, but I do believe I don’t have joint pain in my hands in the morning. It must be gone because I don’t notice it.

Today at lunch I reintroduced cheese. I had some on my salad. Tonight after work I may go for a scoop of ice cream from Popcorn Corner. Hopefully I won’t feel any ill effects from that.

I work 5-8:30 tonight and tomorrow I’m not going to the gym, but will probably walk on the treadmill before work.


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