My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Paying for it.

on July 6, 2015

My bad eating this weekend is catching up with me. Digestive issues, a workout that about killed me, a scale with an awful number on it. To counteract this I ate a good breakfast and will stay on track today with food and activity.

3×0:30 On/0:30 Off Arch Hold on Stomach
3×0:30 On/0:30 Off Hollow Hold on Hands and Feet

A) Snatch Practice: Hang snatch below knee, 7×3; light/moderate weight, speed/technique focus, 1:30 clock, 50# (2), 55#(5)

B) 3 rounds of (15min cut off):
30 KB Swings, 50/35 35#
15 lateral bar over burpees
10 Hang Power Snatches, 95/65 or 75/55 55#

I finished in 13:20 and I was sucking wind today. No more bad eating! 😛

Today I work 8:45-1 and then home for lunch before L has piano. When she’s done we have to go to Walmart to return some things and then to the library for C. It’s supposed to rain later today, so my walking may be on the treadmill to get in my steps.

Enjoy your Monday!


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