My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Back to it!

on July 9, 2015

So 8 days of eating so-so isn’t going to work for me. I’m back to Whole30ish for a bit. What is that exactly? From 7/9-7/14 I’m going to follow MOST of the Whole30 guidelines. However, I will eat oatmeal. I will not have raisins this week and I will LIMIT the amount of nuts & dates I eat (too much sugar in the dates). I will not step on the scale until the 14th or 15th so I don’t obsess about the number. I will try to limit my snacking (still and again and forever a process for me). I’ll keep going to the gym (duh!) and getting in extra walking when I can. Sugar has been creeping up in my life this past week and it’s not good for me. Apparently 30 days without it wasn’t enough. Plus I was still getting natural sugars from fruits and raisins, etc. Too much.

So today is Thursday. I slept in and I work at 8:45 until 1pm. I have tuna salad with avocado ready to eat for my lunch today. Then I’m taking the girls to play tennis before C’s ortho appointment. If they bring friends I’ll walk the track a bit, if not, I’ll play tennis with them.

Enjoy your day!


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