My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Minnesota Weekend!

on July 29, 2015

start of log ridelegoLydia ninjaLydia ninja2down log rideCarly ninjaCarly peep

Winnie Winnie and Tom Winnie and Lydia Winnie and Carly Tif and Winnieplaying Lydia readingLydia avenue Lydia and EvelynKaren and Bert Joe and Winnie Ice cream cake holding Bert girls with TomCarly's HennaBill and Winnie Bert2 Bert Annette henna Angie and Bert 3 girls selfie

Short recap. Friday – Mall of America, rides, shopping and lots of walking.

Saturday – hung out with family all day! Awesome!

Sunday – took girls back to cousin’s house since they were going up north with my aunt and uncle for the week! We went to leave and our van wouldn’t start. We got a jump and were on our way. We had no other van troubles until we got back into town to look at cars on the lot. Then it wouldn’t start, so we got a jump. Hubby took the battery to AutoZone and it tested fine. Well, long story short, it was in the shop and they can’t find the problem. Argg…. it starts slow and the lights on the dash stay on way too long. Such is life.

I’ve been working extra hours this week since a coworker is ill. It works out since the girls aren’t home anyway. I do miss them both, but hubby picks them up on Saturday, so I’ll see them around supper time.

That’s it in a nutshell!


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