My life as a woman, wife and mother.

December is almost here!

This week…

  • Monday – gym, work 8:45-1
  • Tuesday -gym, work 8:45-1
  • Wednesday – gym, workout at home, work 1-5
  • Thursday – gym?, work 8:45-1, band concert for L
  • Friday – gym, work 8:45-11, Dr. appointment for L, pick up wreaths
  • Saturday – workout at home, work 8:45-2
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Thanksgiving Week

  • Monday – gym, work 8:45-1
  • Tuesday – gym, work 8:45-1
  • Wednesday – gym, take L to Student Council meeting, work 1-5
  • Thursday – gym? Turkey Day!
  • Friday – gym? hang with family, holiday parade at night
  • Saturday – Milwaukee to see my BFF and her family for a birthday party
  • Sunday – ?
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The week coming up…

  • Monday – gym, work 8:45-1, shopping, haircut for C after school
  • Tuesday- gym, work 8:45-1, walk & watch HC
  • Wednesday – gym, walk & watch HC, work 1-5
  • Thursday – gym, work 8:45-1, walk & watch HC, Divine Savior Women’s Night Out with Jen
  • Friday – gym, work 8:45-12, hubby gets tooth pulled in Madison and I’m his ride home, walk after?
  • Saturday – ?
  • Sunday – ?
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The week ahead

  • Monday – gym, work 8:45-1, walk & watch Hell’s Kitchen
  • Tuesday – gym, work 8:45-12:30, take Carly to orthodontist and out for lunch
  • Wednesday – gym, walk & watch, work 1-5
  • Thursday – gym, work 8:45-1, P/T conferences for C at 6:45
  • Friday – gym, work 8:45-1, early release for kids, PCC meeting at 7pm
  • Saturday – leave at 6am for Sandy’s house for annual cookie bake!
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November 4th

Good morning!

Things are going well. Today at the gym I got 7 double unders in a row! Yeah, I still do single, single, double, but I was ROCKIN’ it! So happy since I’ve been sucking at them lately.

I work this morning since I have my first mammogram this afternoon. Maisey switched shifts with me so I didn’t have to take off work. It’s wonderful to have such accommodating coworkers.

That is all, enjoy your day!

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November 2nd

Good morning!

I made it to the gym this morning, duh! LOL It was another full house so I’m glad I sign up early for classes. If I don’t go at 5am I just won’t go. Night classes have no interest to me.

I work 8:45-1 today and then I’m going to get in some more activity. I’ve been doing well getting my 10,000 steps each day.

Nothing else to report, enjoy your Monday!

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November 1st

Happy November!

L was at her friend’s house yesterday and they went to a corn maze and a haunted house. I also saw on Facebook she stayed up all night! Ugg…she’ll be in rare form today. 😛

My upcoming week….

  • Monday – gym, work 8:45-1
  • Tuesday – gym, work 8:45-5
  • Wednesday – gym, work 8:45-1, mammogram at 3pm
  • Thursday – gym, work 8:45-1
  • Friday- gym, work 8:45-1, L has a Halloween dance at school
  • Saturday – work 8:45-2
  • Sunday – cabaret at high school
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