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2016 and goals!

on January 1, 2016

I did not make it until midnight last night, but I knew I wouldn’t. I was wide awake around 4am, but made myself get back to sleep for a bit. I just should have gotten up.

I did get in a bunch of walking & reading this morning, weighed myself and took some measurements for the new year. I’m up 10# from last year. No worries. I’m tracking my food with WW again (again) and plan to see progress on the scale and in the gym.

I did set some goals for the new year.

2016 Goals


  1. Get double unders without a single jump.
  2. Learn how to do a kipping hand stand push up.
  3. Reduce the amount of bands on pull ups.


Weight & Food

  1. Track SmartPoints
  2. 175#
  3. 170#
  4. 165#
  5. 160#



  1. Moisturize face.
  2. Take vitamins daily.
  3. 100 day ab challenge.
  4. Stretch as needed.
  5. Color in book more.
  6. Read more books on top 100 list.

Nothing too challenging, but things to work on.

I’ve read 128 books this past year (if I added right) and I plan to read many more.

I’m going to Madison soon to meet up with Rachel for lunch. She’s in Milwaukee for the holidays and I’m happy to meet up with her for a couple of hours and chat.



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