My life as a woman, wife and mother.

My arms! (and quads)

on January 7, 2016

Happy Thursday!

My quads are still so sore from Monday’s workout. Thankfully I’m not alone in my pain, a few others were complaining this morning too. After this morning’s workout my arms are complaining! LOL So much arm work I’m surprised I could wash my hair.

My weight is doing well. I’m down 2# from 1/1 and good with that.

My new treadmill will take some getting used to. The arms are longer on the sides and I tend to wack the back of my hand on them, I need to reign in my crazy arms I guess!

A few people were interested in buying my elliptical, but only if I’d practically give it away! No thanks, I’ll keep it around and try to use it before I give it away for nothing.

Things are going well with the girls. They’ve adjusted to going back to school and I think they look forward to Friday to relax.

That’s what I know. Enjoy your day!


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