My life as a woman, wife and mother.

Whole30 Day 14

on March 6, 2016

I’ve made it 2 weeks! It’s been easier this time around. I still have a lot of food planning and prep work to do, but I have most of it done for next week already.

  • Monday – gym, work 8:45-1, walk at home, chili dogs and onion rings for supper
  • Tuesday – gym, work 8:45-1, walk at home, brats and fries for supper
  • Wednesday – gym?, work 8:45-5, spaghetti squash pizza pie for supper
  • Thursday – gym, work ???, if L gets her tooth out before Thursday I’ll work my normal 8:45-1, if not I’ll work 1-5 and take her to the dentist in the morning for a tooth pull, band concert at 7pm
  • Friday – gym, walk at home, work 1-6 for a coworker, dances for the girls
  • Saturday -workout at home, Madison to pick up another scoby and return bikini to Target

I’m not sure on Thursday & Friday supper, I think Friday I’ll eat whatever for leftovers. Thursday could be tacos or more leftovers.



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