Whole30 on to Day 5

Happy Friday! It’s snowing, again….in April. Thankfully next week looks a bit warmer. I’m ready for Spring to truly begin.

Whole30 is going well. The gym is going well. This morning we were working on hand stands. Tracy encouraged (forced) me to try it by walking up to the wall and just flipping up into it. I was so scared! I did it though and it was AWESOME!


Day 1

Day 1 went well. I got to the gym, walked on the treadmill and ate well. No sugar, no grains, no dairy. Not too hard.

Not much else to say, on to Day 2.

Whole30 Round 4

Good Monday Morning!

I’m starting Whole30 again this morning. The two weeks of Easter and our Anniversary have me in a sugar/carb coma. Time to get back to veggies and protein. I’m feeling good about starting again. Hubby’s not doing it with me, but that’s okay. I’ll make it.

Our 18th wedding anniversary was Sunday. On Saturday night we went out to a restaurant. My lasagna was sooooo rich, it was hard to eat it. I didn’t eat it all. My stomach rejected it’s richness a bit later on. Boo.

I got hubby an agility ladder and a foot roller for a gift. He felt bad he didn’t get me anything. I said, don’t worry I’m going shopping later for clothes! LOL A few new workout items and some new shirts for work.

My family is starting to cough less that the last few weeks. I on the other hand have remained healthy. *knock on wood*

Enjoy your day!