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Cookie Bake 2018

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Last Day of School

all three of us 2018Carly last day of 7th gradeclose up girlsclose up Lydia 2018last day 10th gradelast day 2018

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1st Day of School

1st day of schoolgroup shotcrazy kids

7th grade and 10th grade! My how time flies!

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New couch!


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It’s been forever!

Well, obviously I haven’t blogged in a long time. August to be exact. Things have changed around here and I don’t have the time to expend on blogging. On September 1st I was hired full-time at the library. I was so happy to finally have a full-time job with benefits again! That means I have a lot less time just hanging out a home. Hence, less time to blog.

I’m still going to Crossfit about 4 mornings a week. I love it there! I’m a the Vice President of the Board this year. I’m still new to being a board member, so I’m learning as I go along. We are going to be having our version of the Crossfit Open Games at the end of the month. I’m going to participate this year! Eak! I don’t know why I’m freaked out, but I am. Those workouts can be brutal!

January was a month of no added sugar. A few ladies from the gym and I did that challenge. I survived the whole month with no chocolate! The new challenge for February is to get in my water. My goal is 10 cups a day, but I get a bit more than that. A few other ladies said they too need to work on fluid intake.

The family is doing well. Hubby was laid off work for a bit in December and January. He’s been back now for a couple of weeks and I definitely like the extra money. L is in 9th grade and doing well in school and band. She’s applied for a job, but hasn’t heard yet. I did have her call about a week after she put in her application just to make a good impression. C is in 6th grade and is coming along really well on the clarinet. Her grades are mostly good, but she struggles with math. She always has and it’s more apparent this year. I work with her, but the tests are her downfall.

I started the year will a goal to lose the few pounds I’ve been carrying around for over a year. I’ve made a little progress in January and hope for some more in February.

I’m happy to get a bit of an update on here. I’ll try to pop in once in a while. 🙂

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Michigan 2016

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College Picnic Weekend!


I had a great time on Saturday chatting it up with my college friends. 8 hours passed in no time flat! Thanks for lunch and supper Stacci!

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Goings on…

Happy Father’s Day! C is off with her dad to check out Tractor Supply. I’m staying home! LOL

Yesterday we hiked at Devil’s Lake. We did the balanced rock and east bluff trail and came back along the train tracks. It was over 2 hours of hiking and C has a mild anxiety attack due to the heights. We talked her through it and she was happy for it to be over! LOL

Balanced Rock

It was a beautiful trail I hope to get back to DL soon for more hiking!


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It’s been a while.

Good morning. You could say I lost the desire to post every day. Not too much has been going on around here. Everyone has been sick on and off since February. It’s actually quite crazy!

The gym has been going well. I had a week where I was looking my mo-jo, but it was back in full force last week and I had some pretty great workouts.

My eating is so-so. I’m trying not to get too out of control OR too rigid. Sadly, most of my shorts and capris from last summer to not fit. That’s more than likely due to the fact I’m about 15# heavier than last year. I haven’t decided if I’m working on that or not yet. 😛

Today is Lucas’ 3rd birthday party in Baraboo. Before we head over there we are stopping at the outlet mall in the Dells to look for some black tennis shoes for marching band. I’m sure it will be crazy because of Automotion, but we’ll manage.

Tomorrow L gets to see the Lion King in Madison. It should be a nice reward for the end of the school year. That means I have to pick her up between 9:30-10pm on Sunday. No es muy bueno! I haven’t decided if I’ll go to the gym on only 5-6 hrs sleep or not.

That’s a brief update on my life. Enjoy the day!

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Whole30 on to Day 5

Happy Friday! It’s snowing, again….in April. Thankfully next week looks a bit warmer. I’m ready for Spring to truly begin.

Whole30 is going well. The gym is going well. This morning we were working on hand stands. Tracy encouraged (forced) me to try it by walking up to the wall and just flipping up into it. I was so scared! I did it though and it was AWESOME!


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