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I need to work on my running form…

on May 21, 2014

133 days til 40!

Warm up
run 400M
Arm/Leg swings

Mob – 3 shoulder mobility exercises

A- Push Press
3×5 3×3 3×1
75 85 95%  65#, 75#, 85#
B- Rope Climb, 10 Ascents – so I was dreading this, BUT I DID climb the rope 2 times in a row! On the third I got 1/2 way and couldn’t do it, from then on it was the modified version for me.
C- Sprints,
8x 40M
rest approx 45seconds after each sprint, use partners to race – when we finished up the running members from the next class were coming in. Lani (who is a great runner) had some tips for me to work on…..It’s always so much to think about with any type of exercise you do.

I got my errands mostly done for today. I do have a few quick stops to make before and after Weight Watchers. I’ll weigh in again today. No clue, once again, what it will say. I have sore muscles for sure this week, but my eating was pretty darn good and for the 2nd week in a row I have WPA left over and I earned 35 activity points that I did NOT use. I have 28 days in a row of tracking and I’m pretty happy with myself.

I work tonight and I only have one more Wed. night to work before I get them off during the summer. I’m looking forward to listening to music in the park on Wed. nights. 🙂



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